Talix HealthData Engine

Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Patient Data

Our proprietary patient data analytics platform, the Talix HealthData Engine, powers Coding InSight, the first application in a planned suite of Healthcare Risk Management apps. The HealthData Engine combines a medical taxonomy, clinical natural language processing (NLP) technology, and a coding and clinical rules database to enable the deep mining of both structured and unstructured patient data too often buried in electronic medical records (EMRs).

Talix Taxonomy

Incrementally developed and meticulously curated over more than 15 years by a team of skilled medical informaticists, our Talix Taxonomy now boasts more than 1 million clinical health concepts and 2 million relationships between them.

Talix NLP

Born out of more than 10 years of search and content analytics solutions development for healthcare's best-known enterprise brands, our Talix NLP performs advance entity extraction from unstructured patient data at scale. Because of its tight integration with our Talix Taxonomy and Talix Rules, it is uniquely able to go beyond simple NLP to deliver true natural language understanding.

Talix Rules

A proprietary, configurable clinical and coding rules database, Talix Rules is tightly integrated with our Talix Taxonomy to enable inference based on available evidence and more accurate, comprehensive coding recommendations as a result.

* All patient data has been de-identified to protect patient privacy.

What Does HealthData Engine Power?