Coding InSight for Payers

Uncover Deeper Data Insights to Optimize Risk-Adjusted Coding

Coding InSight by Talix—the first in a planned suite of Healthcare Risk Management applications built on our HealthData Engine—improves coder productivity and coding accuracy by uncovering coding gaps through automated patient data analysis.

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Coder Efficiency

Coding InSight offers a user-friendly workspace designed to support high-efficiency, high-throughput coding environments. Powered by our proprietary HealthData Engine and coupled with a unified, longitudinal patient view, Coding InSight automatically detects coding gaps so professional coders get a comprehensive view of all patient data and associated missed coding opportunities in one place.

Automated Coding Gap Identification

Leveraging our proprietary Talix Taxonomy and Talix NLP, Coding InSight identifies missed codes and documentation gaps with high accuracy. We take away the need for professional coders to manually comb through large volumes of clinical data, which is both time-consuming and error-prone.

Analytics and Reporting

Coding InSight’s comprehensive suite of dashboards and reports deliver real-time, actionable data that enable administrators to track coder productivity, financial impact from risk adjustment, and provider coding patterns that assist in provider outreach and clinical documentation improvement initiatives.

Audit Confidence

Featuring robust, multi-factor auditing capabilities, Coding InSight presents professional coders with not only identified coding gaps but also specific evidence in the patient record supporting those recommendations. This expedites the reconciliation process and provides a clear line of sight between the claimed codes and supporting documentation in case of an audit.

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What Can Coding InSight Do for You?

4x Improvement in Coder Productivity