Talix Helps Genentech Streamline Clinical Trial Management with Advanced Search Technology

Dean Stephens
November 30, 2015

As the pharma industry faces mounting data generated for clinical studies and trials (patient data, regulatory compliance reports, meeting minutes, etc.), finding the right information among all this data has become like finding a needle in the haystack. Earlier this month, our Professional Services team launched a new custom search solution for Genentech, an advanced search engine that enables clinical trial managers to easily sort through thousands of clinical study documents, and quickly and more accurately find the information they need.

This custom solution takes search beyond simple keyword analysis and leverages a unique combination of Talix’s comprehensive medical taxonomy (integrated with Genentech’s own, proprietary taxonomy) and advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to map the complex relationships between health concepts and medical terminology to return smarter search results based on context. For example, when a user searches for a term such as “cancer,” it will not only simply find documents with the keyword “cancer” but also identify related studies, drugs and other relevant information on the topic. By calculating relevancy scores based on multiple parameters, we are able to return rich results that are most relevant for the user.

Congratulations to our hard-working team who collaborated closely to launch this project: Nilesh Shah (our stellar program manager), Lawrence Chang, Tim England, Roger Yeung, Animesh Das, Harsh Patel, Tomas Chavarria, Irene Jon, Manmeet Pannu, Kirill Kovalevsky, Nicholas Patton, Raoul Simpson and Han Cho!


Our GENE Search Application team celebrating the exciting launch at Tres in San Francisco

Our GENE Search Application team celebrating the exciting launch at Tres in San Francisco

Dean Stephens is the CEO of Talix.
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