Unlocking the Power of Data with NLP

Shahyan Currimbhoy
March 27, 2017

Sure, Talix’s Coding InSight solution can help you master risk adjustment and improve clinical documentation, but what else can our natural language processing (NLP) capability do?

  • Aggregate clinical and financial data across siloed systems
  • Highlight missed conditions for clinical encounter review
  • Collect both structured and unstructured data for analytic and provider outreach purposes
  • Segment charts by size or potential yield for projects

Talix’s NLP is the result of more than 15 years of search, content and data analytics solutions development for some of healthcare’s best-known enterprise brands. We’re constantly developing new, smart ways that we can use it to help solve the risk adjustment challenges our provider and health plan partners and customers face.

Ready to learn more about how Talix applies NLP both broadly and deeply to improve coding accuracy and efficiency? Contact us at info@talix.com

Shahyan Currimbhoy is the SVP of Product Management & Engineering at Talix.
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