Welcome to Talix

Dean Stephens
October 5, 2015

It’s opening day at Talix, a new company with some seriously impressive DNA. Our new company also comes into being with some equally serious wind in its sails.

So, who is Talix?

We’re 55 people with a mission to make the people of the world healthier through the power of information. Our first product, Coding InSight, is a new risk adjustment solution for healthcare providers, ACOs and payers that uniquely plumbs the depths of unstructured patient data to enable more accurate coding of patient interactions – prospectively, at the point of care, and retrospectively.

What that means is doctors and other healthcare providers are better able to address all patient issues accurately and completely in a single visit, which leads to better patient outcomes. Practices are able to better manage at-risk populations and risk-sharing contracts with payers. And payers can see all the evidence associated with every code for a given patient to validate claims and ensure accurate reimbursements.

We’re proud that our first application is already in market adding value every day. And we’re equally proud of how it enables us to advance our mission.

Talix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Healthline Networks, which has transferred proprietary technologies developed over more than 15 years, including its health taxonomy, natural language processing (NLP) technology, search technology and a configurable clinical rules database, to our new company. Together, these technologies make up the Talix HealthData Engine, which powers Coding InSight.

Many of the people who have built and perfected these technologies over the years are now part of the Talix family. People like Niraj Katwala, our CTO, and Angela Moseyko, our Vice President in charge of what is now the Talix Taxonomy have provided the vision, leadership, and bare-knuckled hard work over 15 years that have led to the founding of Talix. Another visionary, Dean Stephens, who is the CEO of Healthline Networks and my boss and friend, has been at the till all along, and both Talix and I wouldn’t be where we’re at today without his stewardship, dedication, and guidance.

There are other geniuses who deserve immense credit for their amazing teamwork over many years, and they include Murray Brozinsky, Lawrence Chang, Tim England, Steve Jackson, Kaz Kashii, Michael Patton, Nicholas Patton, Raoul Simpson, and Sergey Stebakov. There are many others. Without their steadfastness, ingenuity, vision, and creativity, Talix couldn’t exist today.

Talix also starts its new life today with the support of amazing investors, a world-class roster of customers, and a stable and growing revenue stream that sees our new company up for real success in the years ahead.

Altogether, we’ve got the people, the technology, the vision, and the resources to disrupt the risk management space through innovation, ingenuity, invention, and genuine passion. We believe in our mission, we care about our customers, and we geek-out on esoteric stuff like healthcare risk adjustment (really).

Welcome to Talix.

Dean Stephens is the CEO of Talix.
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