What is the point of NLP in 2017?

Shahyan Currimbhoy
February 2, 2017

We have all seen natural language processing (NLP) in workflow management, but now Talix is bringing the technology to risk adjustment, point of care, and quality programs. Our platform creates a streamlined process to aid certified clinical coders in finding ICD-10 diagnoses and helps physicians document conditions more completely and more compliantly.

Our customers are using our Coding InSight application to initially find overlooked conditions or as part of their auditing process.  In addition, health plans and provider groups are utilizing our platform to audit their vendor’s results.

NLP used to be complex and confusing with unclear results. Now we clearly see the impact in efficiency and ROI.

For more information on how Talix’s Coding InSight application uses NLP technology to increase coding accuracy and efficiency, contact Talix at info@talix.com

Shahyan Currimbhoy is the SVP of Product Management & Engineering at Talix.
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