Reporting and Analytics Module

Reporting Module enhances Talix’s Risk Adjustment Application Suite with Powerful Persona-Based Analytics
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This robust module enables users to quickly and easily create relevant reports for specific roles or “personas” within their organization. This functionality strikes a critical balance between flexible configuration and purpose-built analytics—something most reporting solutions have historically lacked.


Powerful Features

Pre-Built Templates

Leveraging easy-to-use, pre-built templates—each with its own inventory of specific Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs),
graphs and data elements.

Customizable Reports

Users can quickly customize detailed reports for different roles in the organization ranging from the
C-Suite to the risk adjustment head
to the coding supervisor and
individual coders.

Analytics Creator Wizard

With an intuitive analytics creator wizard, users are able to quickly create and configure these reports to hone in on their KPIs of interest and drive towards successful outcomes.

The new reporting and analytics module is currently offered with Talix’s flagship Coding InSight and Claims InSight solutions that helps organizations take control of their risk adjustment process and coding operations.

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“In the past, data reporting solutions went one of two ways. Either they were so rigid that people couldn’t configure it easily to accommodate their needs and key performance indicators of interest to their organization. Or, they were so flexible and required such a steep learning curve that non-technical users were unable to extract value from them,”says Shahyan Currimbhoy, SVP, Product Management and Engineering at Talix. “The Talix reporting and analytics module eliminates this frustrating disparity with delivering a solution that is both configurable and intuitive.”