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Advanced NLP-Enabled Risk Adjustment Solution for Medicare Advantage, ACA Commercial and Medicare ACO Populations

Streamline Risk Adjustment Coding for Improved Accuracy and Better Care Planning

The Coding InSight workflow application combines our proprietary, purpose built NLP, machine learning and an extensive health taxonomy to simplify the manually intensive chart review process. Coding Insight quickly uncovers missed codes and documentation gaps—in near real time and at the point of care—so providers can code more accurately and completely, ensure more accurate RAF scores and associated reimbursements and deliver comprehensive care plans to their Medicare Advantage, ACA Commercial and Medicare ACO populations.

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Powerful Features for Efficient, Accurate and Complete Risk Adjustment Coding

Prospective & Retrospective Coding

Talix’s powerful data analytics technology delivers a fully automated method of analyzing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify gaps resulting in better care planning and more accurate claims submissions.

Analytics and Reporting

Coding InSight’s user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard delivers real-time, actionable data so you can better understand and manage your financial performance and reduce audit risks.

Workflow Integration Across all EHRs

Thanks to our revolutionary partnership with Nuance, Coding InSight seamlessly integrates directly into the physician workflow across multiple EHRs, including NextGen & Allscripts, Cerner, Epic & athenahealth.

High Accuracy Risk Scoring

Gain deeper, more complete insight into the health of your
patient population. Coding InSight calculates each patient’s RAF score in real time so you can easily identify high-risk patients, deliver timely interventions and achieve more accurate reimbursements.

Capture a comprehensive view
of your patients’ chronic conditions. 
Close gaps. Improve care. Save time. Smile more.


RAF Score Accuracy Improvement



Coding InSight Works for Physicians Who Code and their Coding Staff

We understand that time with patients is valuable. Coding InSight is embedded within the physician and coder workflow, making it easy for coding or CDI staff to quickly review relevant patient data and present only the highest priority gaps for review.  The automated review process ensures claims are sent with the correct diagnosis codes—the first time.  Physicians spend less time coding and more time focused on patient care.

Don’t have coding staff? No problem! We have a solution that will work for you. Contact us to find out more.


Medicare Advantage

ACA Commercial

Medicare ACO



“Coding InSight has transformed the coding and risk adjustment processes for Village Family Practice. It has improved not only coding efficiency, but more importantly, the level of care we’re able to provide to our patients. As a practice, we are now coding for care rather than for dollars.”
Clive Fields, MD, President, Village Family Practice
Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
of design and the result is simply stunning.
Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
of design and the result is simply stunning.

Reporting and Analytics Module

Reporting Module enhances Talix’s Risk Adjustment Application Suite with Powerful Persona-Based Analytics

Talix Platform

The Core Technology that Powers Talix

We built the Talix platform with one goal in mind: to provide powerful, high quality, analytics-driven solutions that enable risk-bearing organizations to gain greater insights and succeed in the age of value based care

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SaaS Application Framework
(Cohort Designer, Reporting/ Analytics Framework, Administrative Interfaces, Data Connectors, OCR)

Clinical Taxonomy


Clinical Rules

Machine Learning
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