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Three Key Questions to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Risk Adjustment Coding Platform

There’s no denying that risk adjustment is the new reality. As the healthcare industry continues its shifting momentum toward value-based reimbursement, the question is no longer whether your organization will embark on a risk adjustment path, but how you can do it most effectively and efficiently—all while continuing to provide affordable plans for comprehensive, high-quality patient care.

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Case Studies

Second Level Chart Review

Major Regional Health Plan Gains 12X ROI and $1.2 Million in Additional Reimbursement Revenue with Talix’s 2nd Level Chart Review

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Flexible Coding Partner Model

Major Regional Health Plan Improves Productivity
and Accuracy with Talix Coding InSight

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Driving Coder Transformation

Geisinger Health Plan Boosts Coding Accuracy and Productivity in Risk Adjustment Programs

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Coding for Care

Village Family Practice Streamlines
Risk Adjustment Coding and Improves Patient Outcomes with Data Analytics

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White Papers

Succeeding in Healthcare Risk
Adjustment White Paper

A Guide for Healthcare Providers
and Accountable Care Organizations

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Winning in Risk Adjustment

Five Steps for Health Plan Executives
to Boost Coding Accuracy and Efficiency

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Company Overview Brochure

Innovative Risk and Quality Solutions for Value-Based Care

Talix provides risk and quality solutions to help providers, payers and accountable care organizations address the growing challenges of value-based healthcare. Our leading-edge SaaS applications leverage machine learning and advanced patient data analytics to transform complex data into actionable intelligence that drives improved coding and quality reporting efficiency and accuracy—leading to better patient outcomes, more accurate reimbursements and reduced costs.

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Coding Insight 9.0 Release

The Coding InSight 9.0 release includes great new features to increase efficiency & productivity of your coding operations. This webinar includes info about the three following enhancements:

  • Multi-Level Coding Quality Assurance
  • Medicaid Risk Model—Chronic Illness & Disability Payment System (CDPS) Support
  • Support for single DOS documents
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Navigating Coding Workflows

Workflow Best Practices for Improving Risk Adjustment Coding

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Talix Webinar Series: Understanding NLP for Risk Adjustment

Part 1: Everything you wanted to know about NLP for risk adjustment—but were afraid to ask!

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Part 2: Measuring NLP Accuracy: The Critical Questions to Ask

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2017 RISE Nashville Summit: Leveraging Data Analytics for Risk Adjustment Coding

Risk Adjustment Coding: Leveraging Data Analytics Tools to Drive Coder Accuracy and Efficiency

Coding InSight by Talix

Coding InSight from Talix automates risk adjustment processes to enable healthcare organizations...

Coding for Care: Talix Coding InSight at Village Family Practice

How are provider organizations in today’s value-based world tackling risk adjustment...

Introducing Talix

Healthline Networks launches Talix, a new health technology company focused on disrupting...

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