Telehealth Security and Workflow Optimization – (Post 5/5)

Hospitals and provider groups across the country were the first to feel the effects of COVID-19 as they scrambled to adapt to or dramatically increase telehealth visits as stay in place measures took effect. Managing patients remotely through virtual settings at scale became critical. Two major questions bubbled up as providers switched over to this new medium.

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Optimize Data with Patient Data Analytics in Medical Coding

Technology has allowed for new and innovative ways to capture a more conclusive look at member health data. Data can be powerful when handled properly; however, many healthcare organizations — and most other businesses for that matter — don’t know how to effectively take advantage of all the information this new data can provide.

3 Tips to Thwart Healthcare System Hackers

Over the past few years, healthcare IT systems have faced significantly more cyberattacks than any other industry—and the reasons why are pretty simple: Healthcare hacks have a greater pay off. In fact, one recent article found…

4 Critical Advantages to Deciphering Data with NLP

By now, most health plan providers are aware that an efficient risk adjustment program is the key to maximizing reimbursements and improving patient care. But what’s the best way to enhance the speed and accuracy of…

2019 Year End Blog

As this year comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back at my predictions for 2019 and see just how right (or wrong) I was. Last year, I predicted:  Artificial intelligence (AI) in…