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Marilyn Garry is Sr. Director of Risk Adjustment & Quality at Talix, Inc.  A leading company in NLP technology.  She is a registered nurse with multiple certifications in the coding world.  She has led Risk Adjustment & Quality teams for large organizations like Anthem and HealthSpring (AKA Cigna HealthSpring).  Throughout her more than three decade career in the healthcare industry, Ms. Garry has established herself as a leader and mentor to organizations that work in the Risk Adjustment area.  Ms. Garry led large teams across divisions of many health plans and vendors where she had the responsibility for the company’s regulatory compliance and revenue processes for Risk Adjustment teams.  Throughout her career, she has held leadership roles in areas such as risk adjustment retrieval, coding and HEDIS positions.  Additional areas of expertise include; claims, provider engagement, training and education, workflows, strategic planning, product development, and regulatory and compliance.  Her expertise brings great value to the customers of Talix, Inc.

Dean Stephens has three decades of healthcare industry experience, with the majority of the time as an entrepreneur in consumer health media and advanced unstructured healthcare text analysis. He is currently the CEO of Talix, a patient data analytics company bringing SaaS applications to the quickly emerging value-based care marketplace. Prior to Talix, Dean successfully built and led Healthline Media to become one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer health information websites (now owned by Summit Partners). Before that, he served as a partner at Deloitte Consulting, where his clients spanned the entire healthcare industry. Dean holds degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of Washington.

Khush Singh, MD, MHA is a trained clinician and an experienced healthcare management professional, having over 15 years of Health Information Management (HIM) experience. Khush has served in the role of National Director leading the Risk Adjustment team, and various HIM projects for Medicare Advantage SNP Health and has also previously worked with larger national health plans for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, & Commercial product lines. He has also served in other HIM mid-level executive roles in other sizeable community-based Health plans focused on the Medicaid line of business.

Before coming into the Medicare & managed care world, Khush has been working on the clinical side of healthcare and working closely with his colleagues - the medical providers serving as a liaison between the medical providers and the healthcare business world. He also serves as a Consultant role to a handful of clients, including a leading EMR company, health plans, and IPAs,  providing Risk Adjustment and value-based care HIM expertise.

As a seasoned clinician, Khush is determined to meet higher goals with a commitment to ethical work practices – helping in managing the health information, healthcare coding data, claims data, minimizing errors, reducing wastage of healthcare resources and improving the overall healthcare delivery to the most deserving patient population. He is continuously helping to drive the culture of excellence and committed to improving the quality of healthcare, with a focus on IHI’s Triple Aim. Khush is passionate about improving the quality of clinical documentation through Provider Education and CDI (Clinical Documentation Improvement) initiatives. He is always continuously working with the medical providers and other clinicians, making them aware of the importance of good quality of medical documentation and magnify the poor documentation & coding quality issues through the lens of Risk Adjustment and Quality.

Jonathan Reese is an experienced health care marketing executive with over 20 years in technology and healthcare marketing. Previously he served in as a VP of Marketing at UnitedHealthcare as well as a privately held electronic health records (EHR) company.  Mr. Reese also spent over 5 years as the head of digital marketing at ADP promoting SaaS healthcare compliance technology as well as other financial products.  Mr. Reese holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah State University as well as a master’s degree from Westminster College’s Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business.

Rahul Valsan, Chief Security Officer, has over 20 years of experience in modernizing and scaling the technology landscape while driving forward initiatives to expand the capabilities, systems, and performance across the organization Rahul has been a driving force upgrading Talix’s security posture.