Measuring NLP Accuracy: The Critical Questions to Ask


Shahyan Currimbhoy,

SVP, Product Management & Engineering

NLP can be a powerful tool for driving risk adjustment success. With the ability to read unstructured patient data in medical records, NLP-enabled technology is helping payers and providers better identify risk, close gaps, and improve both care quality and financial performance.

NLP-enabled solutions are only as good as the results they deliver. So, how do you tell a good NLP solution from a bad one? How do you measure accuracy? What factors will help you determine which NLP solution will meet your specific organizational needs?  

Join Shahyan Currimbhoy, Talix’s senior vice president of product management and engineering as he explains why NLP accuracy matters, how to measure it, and what questions you should ask to help you evaluate which NLP solution is right for you.

Key takeaways include:

  • How NLP drives risk adjustment coding accuracy—and why accuracy matters
  • Understand the key factors that determine accuracy
  • How to determine which NLP solution is right for you

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the tools and insights you need to simplify your risk adjustment coding, improve your results and succeed in value-based care!

This webinar is the second in our three-part NLP-focused series. You can watch the first one here: Everything You Wanted to Know About NLP for Risk Adjustment – But Were Afraid to Ask!