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for the SHIFT to Value-Based Care

Talix is a SaaS health information technology company serving payers and healthcare providers. The Talix Platform uses purpose-built natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques to power workflow applications that help healthcare organizations shift to value-based care. Talix’s cloud-hosted applications read structured and unstructured patient data to extract accurate reimbursement codes, identify gaps in care, and analyze population health trends. These solutions drive customer revenue and reduce administrative costs.
Talix leads the market in addressing everywhere that risk adjustment is applied. We enable payers and providers who participate in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, ACA commercial and Medicare ACO programs. Our cloud-based applications also enable organizations to work virtually anywhere, especially when your teams and partners are required to work from home.

Multiple Risk Adjustment Business Strategies Supported by the Talix Platform. We have transformed how payers and providers leverage software to address any risk adjustment strategy that fits your organization.

The Talix Platform

Turning unstructured patient data into usable coding output for payers and providers.

Talix supports:

In-house set up where administration, QA, and chart reviews are conducted with internal staff.
Outsourced where most of your HCC coding operations are assigned to third-party vendors.
Hybrid model where some administration and QA are in-house and the bulk of the coding is conducted by a third party vendor.
In addition, all customers enjoy using our real-time reporting and analytics infrastructure to track progress on your coding campaigns and to report to every level of your organization, from the business unit to the C-suite.  And you have direct insight into how your chart review vendors are performing.
Talix solutions address all 3 phases of Risk Adjustment.  For payers, our applications are designed to address the specific prospective and retrospective chart review needs of payers. The workflow applications address first level and second level review, and can satisfy both coding “adds” and “deletes.”

For providers, we solve for all 3 phases:







In fact, Talix deployed the first in market coding applications to support physicians at the point of care.  Integrated directly into the EHR workflow, our chart and encounter review capabilities enable physicians to “code for care” quickly, easily, and effectively.  Delivering software that works is the hallmark of Talix.

The Difference

Only Talix offers a complete suite of medical data processing solutions for health plans and medical providers. Whether your claims processing is outsourced, in-house, or a hybrid of both, the Talix system improves your accuracy, efficiency, and bottom line. Make your Risk Adjustment department an indispensable part of your operational strategy.

Risk Adjustment Solutions and Results Overview for Payers and Providers


Payer Solutions

Improve coder efficiency and accuracy for reduced costs, increased revenue accuracy, and improved drive risk adjustment ROI.


Provider Solutions

Easily find missed HCC codes and documentation gaps—pre-encounter and/or at the point of care—for improved care planning and more accurate RAF scores and reimbursements.


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